Mission, vision, values


With our professional and structured team we are providing quality service and tailor-made products to our clients on their way to their goals thus contributing to development of the environment in which we are operative.


Our imperative is to continue Bank's positive business trends monitoring liquidity, security and stability of the business, and investing in human resources. We want to reach closer to our clients, create products and services that will fit their specific needs, continue to build trust and strong business cooperation with Bank's business partners and clients, show them that each client is equally important to us, and the essage we want to convey is: "Different approach matters!".

Vaules we emphasize:


  • We are fully committed to a sincere relationship with our clients in which we act extremely responsible to protect You as a client, Your money and Your privacy
  • We firmly adhere to ethical principles
  • We are guided by honesty, fairness and respect for

Customer satisfaction

  • We strive to operate with success to the satisfaction of our clients
  • We strive to provide high-quality customer service

Employee satisfaction

  • We invest in education and professional growth of our employees
  • We acknowledge that employees are a significant company resource

Learning organization

  • We are continuously improving and adapting to respond to internal and external changes
  • We aim to create a culture that fosters learning and personal development

Teamwork and collaboration

  • We recognize the importance of teamwork success
  • We cooperate and support each other
  • We recognize the importance of working together to meet the needs of our clients

Public trust

  • We understand that sustainability of our business depends on the ability to build and maintain confident relationship with the public, our clients and employees and other stakeholders.

Value for money

  • We carefully employ resources to reduce costs, time and effort

Social contribution

  • We strive to help the environment in which we operate


  • We strive to continuously improve everything we do