Uspješno proveden prelazak Slatinske banke na euro!

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Virovitica-Podravina County (VPŽ) grants for sowing

    Buy the feedstock on time without worrying and additional costs! If You are from Virovitica-Podravina County the County covers the interest rate! Apply, deadline is until 31.10.2022., respectively until the end of available funds.

Cash loan with insurance policy

Want to be sure your loan is repaid regularly? For your safer and more secure future arrange a cash loan with an insurance policy in case of death, sick leave or dismissal! LOAN AMOUNT: 1.000 do 40.000 EUR INTEREST RATE, fixed: […]

DCC (abbreviation for ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’)

ATMs of Slatinska banka offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service intended to holders of international Maestro, Cirrus and Mastercard cards related to foreign currencies: […]

Exchange rates
Buying rate Selling rate
1.075600 1.064400
1.000100 0.981100
1.444300 1.429900

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7. February 2023.

System maintenance

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30. January 2023.

Upozoravamo na nove phishing kampanje koje su aktivne posljednjih nekoliko dana!

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19. January 2023.

Slatinska banka i HBOR potpisali su Sporazum o suradnji na poslovima subvencioniranja kamata iz sredstava Nacionalnog plana oporavka i otpornosti (NPOO)

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